Christian student fellowship

CSF is a Christian student organization and registered campus ministry at UMASS Lowell reaching out to college students at UML and the surrounding area. We are sponsored by the Baptist Convention of New England. Hundreds of students from a variety of evangelical Christian backgrounds have found CSF to be a welcomed home away from home where they can grow in their faith while studying at UMASS Lowell.

CSF exists to glorify God by:

  • helping students grow their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • providing opportunities to grow in community with one another.
  • creating a safe environment to ask questions about the Bible and matters of faith.
  • challenging students to make a Christ-like impact on their campus and world.


I met a great group of people who welcomed me almost instantly. I looked forward to Tuesday nights because they were a break from the insanity of college. 


CSF changed the way I saw the gospel and the world. It made me realize that the pursuit of God is made easier when shared between believers, not when contained within ourselves. 


The people I have met at CSF are genuine and loyal. I have been building lasting and meaningful friendships since my freshman year.


CSF is a family of young, enthusiastic members that forges long-lasting friendships and encourages a deep and active relationship with God. 


CSF is a community where students can come explore their beliefs and discover faith by seeking answers to some difficult questions. This group is one of the most welcoming and warming communities you will ever encounter in your life because of their deep love for Christ.