We've put together this list of resources to help you in your Christian walk. From resources built in-house to books from authors we trust we hope you'll find something that will edify.

  • This plan guides you in reading each book of the New Testament four times consecutively before moving on to the next book. This plan is based on the concept of reading the books of the Bible as they might have been originally received and read by their original hearers (as many of the New Testament books were written as letters to local churches or individuals). The repetitive nature of this plan will allow you to see context, themes and big-picture truths often missed in a cursory reading of the text.

    Features of this plan include...

    • Each month contains 25-26 readings allowing for a handful of grace-days in order to safeguard against falling too far behind if you miss a reading.
    • Each quarter begins with a Gospel.
    • You will read through the entire New Testament four times in one year!
    • The format of this PDF allows you the convenience of printing and cutting monthly bookmarks to keep in your Bible for easy accessibility.
  • SPECKA is a highly participatory Bible study process that is focused on the application of biblical truths discovered during the study. Download or print the SPECKA card to aid you in personal or group Bible studies.